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SOLAR BIKE AMERICA is a Californian based business that specialises in wholesale and retail distribution of high quality electric conversion kits for bicycles across the USA. We offer a range of motor powers suitable to all riders and specialise in using the latest lithium ion battery designs available. Our other areas of expertise are designing and building custom electric bicycles and using the sun's energy to power these bicycles. We partner with experts from SOLAR BIKE AUSTRALIA to design and develop reliable and affordable solutions for many people's transportation needs.

Our videos below are a great place to start to see our conversion kits and research work.
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We are able to provide you with the best priced electric bike conversion kit in the states using the most advanced lithium ion batteries, motors and controllers. We can provide them in a variety of powers and styles to suit nearly all adult bikes. We are constantly testing new motors and researching better battery and solar systems with the aim to provide a simple, high quality, affordable and durable system for anyone to use. Our electric bicycles can be recharged using a solar module or normal household power. We have in development a few different systems of solar charging that use a direct connection from the solar panel straight to the bicycle battery and an indirect system that employs a battery storage system so that you can solar charge at night.

Electric bicycles are a joy to ride, without even using the pedals it is possible to travel over 20 miles on one charge and further if you pedal. The bicycles are healthy, quiet and relaxing and are ideal for people traveling up to 30 miles each day. There are so many good reasons to ride an electric bike. Firstly, they are very healthy. Because the bicycle is so much more enjoyable to ride than a regular bike you use it far more often. You will use it for most journeys and when you do you will have no concerns for hills, traffic, parking, getting sweaty, wind or distance. Because you can pedal as much as you feel like you will gradually begin to increase your fitness and will tend to cycle more – all in a super relaxing healthy way! Because you ride faster using less energy the wind chill keeps you cooler and it seems that sweat it totally eliminated. Electric bikes are also very safe, in some ways more so than a regular bike. With the increased speed you do not suffer from being dangerously overtaken nearly as often. Also, you will not feel the need to rush downhills at dangerous speeds. Costs and convenience of using an electric bike are incredibly superior to using a car. There are no insurance or registration costs and maintenance is very minimal – the same as a regular bike. The motors are brushless, which means the only moving part is the wheel and they will last a long time with no maintenance. The only additional cost you should have is for a new battery every 3 – 5 years. This works out to be about 2 cents/mile! Finally and most importantly, electric bikes are a great way to aid the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. The continual burning of fossil fuels is not sustainable and probably the best way you can help is by consuming less gasoline! We cannot avoid using commercial energy unless we revert back to the stone age but you can reduce your usage dramatically. Using renewable energy will also push along the technology in a sustainable direction.

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